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Growers and retailers across Canada have had to compete against the world; a world where many other countries have enjoyed advantages through open access to true competition.

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Cleavers stand to kill canola industry

By |May 20th, 2016|Categories: Quinclorac News|

On verge of worst year ever for cleavers Farmers in all canola markets around the world, much the same as Canadian farmers, absolutely do not want pesticide resistant weeds coming into their countries. This news is coming from our contacts in China; where one tells us his contacts in Japan feel the same way. They report that countries like China and Japan are on the watch for unwanted weed species in grains and especially pesticide resistant ones. Our Chinese contacts further tell us pesticide resistant cleavers could, and likely would, shut the border if found in canola imports; they feel the same for Japan. It is our belief and assumption [...]