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As an agriculture business GNG was founded to be a champion for the agriculture growers of Canada.

Our goal is to bring competition at a global level to the Canadian agriculture marketplace. Our mission is high quality products and superior service at reduced price.

Growers and retailers across Canada have had to compete against the world; a world where many other countries have enjoyed advantages through open access to true competition.

GNG is working with global manufactures to source competitive high quality products; GNG has a network of its own Dealers across Canada to deliver these products to growers with the highest level of service.

2306, 2016

Escalating Battle

By |June 23rd, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|

The campaign to undermine Prairie farmers’ ability to compete in a global market is, in our opinion, escalating. And, sadly, we think that the Blitzkrieg tactics are only a prelude to the bigger battle on the horizon. The latest salvo in the multinationals’ campaign to prevent generics from entering the market is a cute little postcard from The Canola Council, Pulse Canada and Cereals Canada, who we feel are the mouth pieces of the multinational chemical companies. It once again warns farmers not to use products such as quinclorac or chloremquat. As usual, we feel that this rhetoric is built on scare tactics and fear mongering. “Use only registered products”, [...]