GNG has markets for canola – quinclorac sprayed or not!

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1809, 2016

We have markets for quinclorac canola

By |September 18th, 2016|Categories: Quinclorac News|

In our opinion, the decisions made by certain grain companies, and their associations, regarding quinclorac have no basis in science or fact. Rather, they appear to us to be solely based on profitability and shareholder returns at the expense of growers. As a company that cares about farmers we at GNG are doing what many in the industry refuse to do; putting farmers first. The reality is that foreign buyers have no issue with quinclorac sprayed canola. This appears to include China, who has practised an MRL system of accepting Country of Origin’s MRLs and Codex in place of having their own complete MRL database. This has been confirmed both [...]