Experts assessment on Canola Council

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Seemingly, some of Saskatchewan’s trade associations, like Canola Council, have self-designated themselves as the opposition to every science-based national government regulator in the world.  In our nation, trade associations, like Canola Council, are becoming the unofficial opposition to Health Canada, whenever it suits their own treacherous agendas.  The assessment proving that pest control products are scientifically-safe is a process that can take up to ten years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.  Additionally, these products are further re-evaluated every fifteen years.  …  NOT by trade associations  …  but by Health Canada.  Only those products that pose NO unacceptable risk to human health or the environment become Health-Canada-approved and federally-legal.  Canada has one of the most stringent regulatory assessment systems in the world.  What regulatory system do trade associations, like Canola Council, base their assessments on ?!?!  Who should we trust ?!?!  Trade associations, like Canola Council, which have NO ONE that has ANY expertise, training, or background in matters concerning pest control products.  [ ?!?! ]  OR  The 350 Educated Expert Independent Scientists at Health Canada who evaluate all the existing evidence to determine whether pest control products meet stringent health and safety requirements.  Clearly, trade associations, like Canola Council, are scientifically illiterate, and are the least qualified to provide any credible advice concerning pest control products.  Everyone is protected from exposure to pest control products  …  thanks to Health Canada  …  and NOT because of trade associations like Canola Council.  Trade associations are NOT COMPETENT to talk about pest control products. Canola Council should shut the  #@!!% up ! Great Northern Growers of Saskatoon should be CONGRATULATED for its opposition to Canola Council !

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