The Chinese Dockage Issue

From our experience, and in our opinion, when the CCC is making a large issue about something they have a hidden agenda. Questions need to be asked, like:

  • Does the issue over dockage have anything to do with the profitability of the grain handling members of the CCC?
  • Is making this such a big issue having a negative effect on canola prices?
  • Do lower canola prices enhance oil crushing margins?
  • What does a lower canola price do for unhedged grain company sales?
  • Does a lower canola price hurt grain companies at all, or just the growers?

We at GNG feel strongly that the only time the CCC is representing the interests of growers is when they align with the interests of the multi-national members who majority control their board. The quinclorac issue appears to be a perfect example of this. Given this, both growers and the Canadian government need to ensure that growers are properly represented in all canola matters, including domestic policy and international trade.