UPDATE: Quinclorac (Clever) received Global MRL Approval 

Good news for Producers: Quinclorac has received Global MRL Approval and as far as we know Clever® will now be accepted at all Grain handling facilities. 

The unprecedented push back against Clever® Quinclorac that began mid-June of 2015 is finally coming to an end. The Canadian Canola Council has announced that a global MRL for Quinclorac on Canola is set to be adopted in July 2018. This is excellent news for producers with cleaver problems in their Canola, as they will now be able to use Clever without restrictions on where they can market their Canola.

While we are very happy that the restrictions on Quinclorac are being lifted we have still never received a satisfactorily fact based answer as to why Clever® was singled out when many of the other major pesticides used on Canola face similar issues when it comes to incomplete MRLs in some major market (see list here). Given that many other off-patent products used on Canola and other Canadian crops do not have global MRLs, we worry that this trend of restricting access to proven technologies will continue.  GNG will continue to advocate on behalf of Canadian producers to ensure that they have access to the safe, proven, and affordable pesticide technologies that they have relied on for decades. Farmers face enough challenges and uncertainty without having much needed pesticide tools taken from their toolbox by faceless profit hungry multi-national corporations.

The scope of the misinformation and half-truths that have been spread about quinclorac and MRLs over the past year has made it difficult for producers to sort out fact from fiction. We hope to clarify the issue by gathering our observations and supporting evidence into one easily accessible webpage.

All documents, charts, graphics, and web links referenced in the posts below have been collected on the following Media Resources page.